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In in glitch

Well, I write this fucking post in fucking english because since a few fucking weeks, I see fucking french friend’s blogs doing this. Why? I fucking don’t know. I guess it’s fucking cool, elegant, nice or whatever. So do I. And now I’m fucking part of it, I must fucking admit that it’s fucking cool, elegant, nice and… Hell, I fucking need a good reason to fucking continue. Fuck!

P.S. Guitar Hero is a fucking good game, I fucking want it on PC.

9 Responses to In in glitch

  1. kilhom

    Trop mdr quoi xD

    17 Juin 2006 - Reply
  2. Xerto

    That’s a fucking article. It’s very fucking good. And Mick Taner is a fucking friend ! Very funny !

    17 Juin 2006 - Reply
  3. Lagora

    gnagnagna. Je t’ai expliqué pourquoi je posterais dans deux langues, et éventuellement, plus tard, dans trois langues différentes. Il ne sagit pas de snobisme, pour faire « cool ». (u_u)

    17 Juin 2006 - Reply
  4. NiKo

    It’s a fucking great idea to write fucking comments in fucking english, too.

    17 Juin 2006 - Reply
  5. remouk

    You’re fucking right Niko! Many fucking thanks for the fucking english comments, it’s fucking great!
    Lagora > Tu n’es pas le seul ! ;)

    17 Juin 2006 - Reply
  6. Xavier

    Damn, I feel fucking stupid with a fucking review of a fucking framework I wrote both in fuckin’ french and in fuckin’ english. I planned to fucking publish it today, but I guess I’m gonna fuckin’ delay it.

    17 Juin 2006 - Reply
  7. DJIanis5552

    I fuckingn’t understand anything …

    17 Juin 2006 - Reply
  8. kilhom

    La négation de fucking ? xD

    17 Juin 2006 - Reply
  9. Lagora

    kilhom> praying ;)

    18 Juin 2006 - Reply

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